Prospect 271, New York

New York Avenue, New York, 11213, United States

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Cinema Room
Outdoor Space

Prospect 271 is a comfortable student accommodation in  New York with non-ensuite rooms. It is located a short distance from Brooklyn Law School and Brooklyn College, which makes it a popular destination among students.

Cooling Off Period

1. You can cancel your booking upto 15 days after you sign your lease without any liability.

2. Beyond this deadline, the property will be obliged to charge you a cancellation fee equivalent to 2 month's rent.

Please note: 

1. It is not possible to cancel after entering the house even if it is before the 15 days notice.

2. The application fee is non- refundable.

Early termination by students

If you want to terminate your contract before the due date, you will have to give the property a 2 month notice.


These spacious rooms feature large windows that welcome ample sunlight, keeping the room breezy and luminous. They are also fully furnished with a cozy bed and a study desk with a chair. In the common kitchen, the students can find a stove, a microwave, a dishwasher and many more. Amenities like a cinema room, a gym, outdoor spaces and free high-speed Wi-Fi are also available. The rent is inclusive of all the utility bills which makes it a perfect place to lead your college life.

Nearby places

The location of the accommodation makes it a pretty happening place. Restaurants and cafes like Tacolmos Mexican Restaurant and Chocolatte Espresso Bar are close by. Various supermarkets are also very near which makes the accommodation extremely accessible and a comfortable place for the student to reside in. The weekends would never be dull in this location, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is extremely close and is relaxing and would help in unwinding for the week. Prospect Park can also be an exciting and chill place to hang out with friends.


The location of the property makes it extremely easy to commute from one place to the other. St John's Pl/Nostrand Av bus station or Nostrand Av/St John's Pl bus stop is just a short walk away from the accommodation. The students can also choose to take a train from the Nostrand Av subway station to travel longer distances.

Pet policy

Even though they love animals, pets are not allowed due to hygienic reasons and for their members who may be allergic.

From USD 1961 /month

Jaminan Kesesuaian Harga
Properti Terverifikasi
Layanan Gratis
Syarat & Ketentuan Penawaran

Penawaran Yang Diberikan Bersifat Terbatas Dan Berubah Secara Dinamis Harap Konfirmasi Penawaran Dengan Eksekutif Pemesanan Kami sebelum Memesan Untuk Mengklaim Penawaran

Fasilitas Dan Layanan

Common Amenities

Fully Furnished
Cinema Room
Outdoor Space
Double-glazed Windows
Community Lounge
Air Conditioning
Monthly Breakfast
Basic Supplies
Household Supplies
Weekly Cleaning
Maintenance Service
Ongoing Support
House Ambassador

Bills Included


Property Rules

No Animals

Safety and Security

Ring Security System

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Prospect 271 is a comfortable student accommodation in  New York with non-ensuite rooms. It is located a short distance from Brooklyn Law School and Brooklyn College, which makes it a popular destination among students.

Pertanyaan Sering Diajukan

Is there a laundry room?

Yes, every house has a laundry room with washing machines and dryers. The number of laundry appliances depends on the number of housemates. And yes, the use of the laundry room is included in your lease, no extra cost.
Depending on the size of each house, they have anywhere from 3 to 24 rooms. 
The houses have a range of different room setups depending on the room you are interested in. For more information, take a look at their virtual tour or check with their Community Manager during your call.
It is a measure imposed by the New York Housing Department policy that prevents residential properties, like us from installing bedroom door locks for fire safety purposes. However, as explained in their golden rules, they provide safe and secure common spaces through trust and mutual respect of their community. These elements are key and part of their community's success.
Their rooms are fully furnished, equipped, and have almost everything you need. They say almost because the only things they don't provide are a blanket, sheets, and a pillow, so don't forget to bring yours. 
Every member gets access to their dedicated property management app. Within the application, you will be able to report an incident or add a wish for your house.
You can request to terminate your lease via the property management app and send them an email. This is completely subject to their lease terms, but they try to be as flexible as possible.
The size of the room depends on the room type. Their private rooms are about 14 m²/ 150 sq. The other rooms vary from about 7 m²/80 sq for the smallest and about 30 m²/325 sq for the largest. You can see the exact size of the private rooms in the virtual tour after applying online.
Yes, they encourage members to officially establish themselves at the beginning of their stay. You will find more information about this in the property management app.
Yes, of course. You just have to send your mail to their address. You can also write your name on the board near the front door.
You can do pretty much what you want in your room as long as you do not damage the walls, floors, or other surfaces and return your bedroom to the state in which you found it.
You can cancel your stay 15 days after the signature of your lease. It is not possible to cancel after entering the house even if it is before the 15 days notice. Beyond this deadline, they will be obliged to charge you a cancellation fee equivalent to 2 months’ rent.
Yes, as long as there is a free room. In addition, you have priority over people not yet in theproperty management network. You can apply for a new room directly through the property management app.
No, their houses are smoke-free.
Depending on the house and room type, two people can stay in one room. However, there is a limited amount of options for couples.
Even though they love animals, pets are not allowed due to hygienic reasons and for their members who may be allergic.
Their houses almost always have ample storage space for bicycles. As they promote alternative mobility, they rarely have parking for cars but there are many public or private parking garages near their houses.
Most of the  houses in Belgium are equipped with Salto Smart-lock security systems. On top of that, they also use a Ring security system to keep the main entrance safe. You will have the ability to unlock/lock your room via the app. For privacy reasons, they do not access or transfer data, unless you give them your explicit permission.

Beyond living and connecting with an open-minded community, your rent includes: Basic supplies, monthly breakfast, a fully-furnished bedroom with a private or shared bathroom, spacious and well-decorated common areas, a tech-friendly environment (access to their mobile application, WiFi, Netflix, etc.), all utility costs (electricity, water, heating, etc.), weekly cleaning of the shared spaces, monthly events, and best of all, new friends!

Every house has its own designed shared spaces. You’ll always find a fully-equipped kitchen, a living room, and a laundry room. Most of their houses also have a garden or terrace, a gym, a cinema room and, with a bit of luck, sometimes a poker room or sauna!

They don’t impose any strict curfew on their homes, but they count on their members to respect the tenants and neighbors.They have a quiet hours policy starting at 10 pm during the week and 10:30 pm on weekend nights.

In addition to the accommodation provided, every member has access to a monthly subscription that handles extra benefits like a bedding pack. These services are not included in the monthly rent.
No, they unfortunately do not admit children in their homes.
Yes, for a period of about 7 days per month and as long as your housemates agree with it. Use your discretion -they like to be flexible, but guests cannot pose a disturbance to your other housemates. If they are cool with it, they are. Once in a house, the Ambassador will be your reference person.
Every month, a great variety of events are organized for or by members - yoga classes, the Management Retreat, workshops, after-work drinks, or simply a pleasant dinner. Every month, they deliver breakfast to every home to make sure their members can spend some time together.
A property management ambassador is a peer-elected member who wants to be more involved in the community and is in charge of welcoming new housemates and giving their team feedback about their experience! Each house has at least one ambassador and they are all part of an amazing community. They participate in ambassador events and have first access to certain events and a first look at upcoming projects + initiatives.
During the application process, they will ask you to upload the required documents to conduct the background check. These may include but are not limited to: government ID, bank statements, employment/student status, tax returns, personal guarantors, etc. After the reception of these documents, they will review them and respond within 24 hours. Once approved, you will receive an agreement to sign electronically (super easy), and an online invoice to pay upfront. After signing and payments, you will officially be a management member!
The Lobby is your personal space to complete your booking and become a  member. You can use it to book a call with a Community member, upload documents, browse room proposals, sign a digital lease, and update your user profile.
You can either make a wire transfer or use direct debit payment options.
No. After you submit an application and your preferences, you’ll gain access to the lobby where you can chat with their Community team, check room proposals, and complete your booking.
Your room is not booked until you have gone through all the steps in the Lobby, signed a digital lease with property management, and submitted yourdeposit.
Their coliving spaces are all-inclusive, meaning that the price you see is the price you pay. The pricing per room depends on the city you want to live in and your personal preferences.
On top of the monthly rent, they ask for a 1 or 2-month deposit which they return to you once you move out.
In the Lobby, you can upload the necessary documents to save time and secure your room faster. This step is mandatory for signing your lease.

The application process is easy. You just have to complete the application form and book your call with their community manager. It takes a little more than 3 minutes. It is possible that you will have to wait a few days before having your call. Then you will have the background check and virtual tour, but all that happens on your end. You can complete it while chilling comfortably on your couch, at your own pace.

They do their best to send you houses that are the best fit for your personality and preferences. However, these options maybe also be sent to another member so act fast.
Once you have filled out and submitted an application, you will receive a link via email to access your personal Lobby.
If it's a prebooking, they can invite you for a tour before you sign your lease. Otherwise, you cannot visit before joining the house, but thanks to their virtual tours you will be able to discover all the common spaces of the house.They have a virtual house tour with pictures and a video tour. The video will give you a very good overview of all the rooms in the house. And if you have specific questions, their Community Manager will be happy to answer them for you.
Of course! Feel free to do so in the Lobby.  

At property management, they are all about their community. That’s why they believe it’s so important to offer a bunch of complimentary services! To name a few:

 · A monthly breakfast delivered to your door to enjoy with your housemates 

· Common supplies delivered each month such as toilet paper, garbage bags, paper towels, coffee, salt and pepper, hand soap, dishwasher tablets… the list goes on 

· Monthly community events organized by their team for their members 

· Once a week, their team cleans all the common areas of your house. 

· On-call house maintenance as they care about you and about their houses. If you have an incident or something isn’t working well, just report it via the property management mobile app. Their team will fix it asap!

· Fully-furnished home with basic WiFi and Netflix, and all utilities (water, gas, electricity, …). 

· Everything at your fingertips, via their mobile app, you’ll be able to open your door, create an event, report an incident, chat with the other members, and much more! 

· A Welcome pack: As a new member of the family, you deserve a little welcome gift! You will find it in your bedroom on your move-in day.

Their standard bedrooms have a queen-sized bed (140x200), a desk with chair, a bedside table with lamp, a custom-built closet, and private storage. They have a diverse range of bedroom types including:

 · Essential (Shared bathroom) 

· Essential+ (Private sink & shared bathroom)

 · Classic (Private bathroom including sink + shower)

 · Classic+ (Private bathroom including sink, shower, and toilet)

 · Affinity (Couple + Private bathroom including sink, shower, and toilet)

 · Affinity+ (Couple + extra bed + Private bathroom including sink, shower, and toilet)

 · Solidarity (Reduced rent price)

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