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Learn how to blur the line between the real world and make believe through high-quality 3D animations. Create digitally-enhanced 3D visual effects at the forefront of innovation in the creative media, games, film and animation industries. Discover how to design, render and model 3D characters, environments and worlds, using professional equipment, contemporary software, and processes used in industry. Discover how to design, render and model 3D characters, environments and worlds, using professional equipment, contemporary software, and processes used in industry. You also learn design, bio-mechanics, movement, rigging, surfacing, light and colour theory, and the principles of animation. 

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1 year Diploma (D1)


Design and Architecture

Universitas123 - Akademik


AIT is a specialist higher education and vocational education institution based in Sydney, Australia, with a second campus opening in Melbourne, Australia in 2015. AIT was established in 1999 and specialises in three disciplines: digital media, information technology, and business. AIT is a member of the iCollege Ltd, alongside Coder Academy, Greenwich English College, the International School of Colour and Design and many more institutions.

AIT offers higher education bachelors & diplomas in Film, Games Design, 3D Animation, 2D Animation and IT Course (Games Programming & Mobile App Development). AIT deeply connected to industry and place a strong focus on creating opportunities for students to get their work recognised as well as to network and learn from some of the biggest names in the business. We do this through student presentations to industry panels, internships, mentorships, master talks with high profile global artists, awards nights and partnerships with leading studios, agencies and organisations.

Hands-on, practical learning - AIT approach to learning is hands-on and progressive. We place a strong emphasis on practical application to complement theory - so you’re better prepared for the career of your dreams. Master the latest industry software, learn how to effectively collaborate as part of a team to respond to real industry briefs, gain real-world experience through our ActivAIT internship program and graduate with a portfolio of work that you can show prospective employers.

Get connected to industry At AIT, we don’t just teach students. We also connect them to industry to help them land the job of their dreams when they graduate. We’ve hosted some of the biggest names in the business on to our campus for master talk presentations, industry events, and awards nights – from Disney Animator, Jose Velaya to the lead Animation team behind Peter Rabbit as well as Glen Melenhorst & the team at Method Studios behind Battle of the Bastards

Award-winning campus Our Melbourne campus is conveniently located opposite Southern Cross Station, in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. In 2019, our campus won the Design x Driven Melbourne Design Awards for best Interior Design Public or Institutional - demonstrating our commitment to providing students with quality, innovative educational facilities and environments.

AIT is recognised as a quality tertiary education provider by the Australian Government's Tertiary Education Quality&Standards Agency (TEQSA) and the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

Courses Available Sydney & Melbourne AUSTRALIA:

  • Diplomas & Bachelors of IT (Mobile App Development or Games Programming) 
  • Diplomas & Bachelors of 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Film or Games Design



  • Academy of Information Technology is our higher education provider, offering quality and unique Diplomas&Bachelors to domestic and international students.
  • The courses are hands-on, practical, and designed to get the graduates 100% job-ready with a 77% employment rate in Australia.
  • We offer different ways to connect students to the industry by showcasing events, master talks from industry leaders, internships, and festivals.
  • AIT offers great value scholarships to international students. 
  • Sydney & Melbourne Campus




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