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If you think you have what it takes to build and repair complex electronic navigation, guidance and communications systems, or repair the instrumentation and flight controls of an aircraft, Centennial College's Aviation Technology - Avionics Maintenance&Management program can help. 

Why this program?

Accredited by Transport Canada (TC), the Aviation Technology - Avionics Maintenance & Management program is geared to the aircraft industry's needs, and the College's highly skilled faculty members and instructors are some of the best in the business. They bring with them years of industry experience and extensive technical expertise as well as a deep commitment to your success.

Beyond faculty support, aviation industry giant Bombardier named Centennial its trainer of choice in the manufacturing and maintenance of its aerospace products. External program partners and supporters are members of Centennial's advisory committees and participate as guest speakers and panelists, sharing their wealth of knowledge and expertise with students. That means you'll not only learn first-hand where your career can take you, but you'll also receive invaluable insight from those who have shaped the industry.

The combination of essential theoretical knowledge and the practical skills to apply that knowledge on real aircraft and aircraft systems, under the focused direction of industry-seasoned faculty and instructors, with industry support, will result in a 360-degree education.  

What can I expect?

By the time you graduate, you'll be fully prepared for work as a bench technician in avionics-approved shops at a variety of aviation organizations.

You'll learn the essential theory and broad base of knowledge for complex electronics and electrical systems related to the navigation, guidance, communications, instrumentation and flight controls of an aircraft. Working in labs, shops and a large aircraft hangar, you'll practice the tasks and skills associated with shop bench work, and the testing, troubleshooting, repair, removal and installation of electrical, electronic and instrumentation systems. This program will also give you the opportunity to obtain additional business and management skills related to and required by the industry at large.

An aircraft maintenance engineer is responsible for the certification of aircraft electrical and electronic systems after the completion of maintenance, inspection, repair or replacement. The importance of that responsibility cannot be understated. To that end, this program will be comprehensive and will require you to be dedicated and focused throughout the learning process.

What will I have when I’m done?


You'll graduate with a coveted diploma from a highly respected college, with the required knowledge and skills needed for a career in organizations that will include general aviation, manufacturing, repair, overhaul and airlines.


With TC accreditation, the program will provide you with the basic training required to become a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer. If you meet accreditation standards, you'll be exempt from writing the TC technical examinations for issue of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) Licence and will be granted 18 months experience credit toward the issue of an AME “E” rated licence. 

The passing grade for all technical courses is 60 per cent. To be eligible for accreditation, you must meet the following mandatory grading, attendance, and practical performance requirements in all technical courses:

  • 95 per cent attendance level (over the two-year program)
  • 70 per cent (B) grade in all technical courses
  • Successfully complete all mandatory practical tasks

Degree credit

As a graduate, you may be eligible to participate in pathway programs with partnering institutions or articulated programs with select universities. These programs will allow you to receive degree and academic credit for your work at Centennial College and apply that credit toward further study (e.g., Technology Management degree).

Program Highlights
  • The program is structured to run in seven-week blocks, allowing you to concentrate your studies on a set number of courses within that time frame. At the end of the training block you'll complete your final test(s), have a one-week break period and then move on to the next set of training courses.
  • If you don't meet any/all of the accreditation criteria, you may be eligible to graduate from the program provided you successfully complete all the requirements for graduation.


  • Due to the technical nature of the curriculum, you must be able to read, write and comprehend the English language at a level exceeding basic conversational English.
  • Classes may run between the hours of 7:30 am to 8:30 pm.

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Centennial College is Ontario’s first public college, with five campuses in Toronto, Canada. Centennial offers high-quality Canadian Education that is hands-on, and employment focused. Programs at Centennial promote experiential learning with laboratory instruction, co-op education, and industry placements.

Many Centennial programs offer Canadian work experience and provide eligibility for designations from Canadian professional associations. Centennial consistently ranks #1 in Toronto for Student Satisfaction (KPI: 2016-2020). International students are achieving their goals at Centennial College, and leading the province in rates of successful graduation!

An impressive 90.1% of our international students studying Graduate Certificate programs complete their program at Centennial and graduate successfully.

With seven specialized academic schools, Centennial College offers more than 160 Programs.
Centennial offers foundations, post-secondary and post-graduate programs in:

  • Business,
  • Engineering Technology and Applied Science,
  • Communications,
  • Media, Arts and Design,
  • Health,
  • Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts,
  • Transportation.

Centennial also offers English Language Learning and Foundations programs for college and university preparation. Through extensive partnership building, Centennial offers a global network of incoming and outgoing Pathways and credit transfer agreements with partner institutions: 398 international pathways and more than 600 Canadian pathways are established!

Centennial is the #1 college choice for international students in Canada and one of the most culturally diverse post-secondary institutions in the country. Centennial is a big institution and well recognized in Canada and around the world. Enrolment is over 25,000 full-time students, including 11,000 international students from 125 countries.

As you enjoy the academic benefits of a Canadian college education, a wide range of global perspectives will enrich your education and experience.

Centennial College welcomes you in your pursuit of an incredible international education experience. Centennial has a reputation for student and graduate success and numerous awards for International Education Leadership. 


Why Choose Centennial College?

  1. Affordable and cost-effective.
  2. High standard of education.
  3. Co-op and industry connections.
  4. Incredible diversity.
  5. Opportunity to work.
  6. Safe city and friendly community.
  7. Centennial College is an award-winning Canadian institution that received the Gold Medal for Leadership Development at the 2018 World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP) Awards of Excellence. Centennial also received the 2016 Gold Medal for Internationalization Excellence from Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan).
  8. We are leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs We work with over 800 industry partners! You have access to the latest equipment and technology, industry-leading faculty and co-op opportunities to get you work-ready upon graduation. Centennial received first prize for Innovation in Applied Research.
  9. Among 125 colleges, Centennial ranks third in Canada for the number of students employed and paid to conduct applied research (Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges: 2017 Report). Over 1,000 pathways! Centennial College programs offer 367 Degree Pathways with partner universities in Canada and abroad.


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