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Centennial College's Developmental Services Worker program is highly regarded by established professionals, graduates, families, service agencies and people who have intellectual disabilities.

The two-year college diploma program falls under the School of Community and Health Studies and will offer a strong foundation in the field of intellectual disabilities. This health program's curriculum will reflect best practices, current and relevant knowledge and address up-to-date issues. It will empha a deep understanding of:

  •  The life experiences of people who have intellectual disabilities
  •  The nature of intellectual disabilities
  •  Values clarification
  •  Analysis
  •  Critical and reflective thinking
  •  Problem solving
  •  Effecting positive change
  • Communication and teamwork
  •  Personal support requirements and techniques
  • Team skills
  •  Time management
  •  Accessing resources

Helping people to fill valued social roles as a part of society, teaching and the provision of personal support are among some of the skills you'll develop. These skills will be applied through in-class hands-on practice as well as field placement opportunities. As such, the Developmental Services Worker program will ensure you're equipped with the critical skills and knowledge to start your career directly upon graduation.

Once you complete the Developmental Services Worker program, you'll support individuals of all ages who have intellectual or developmental disabilities. Support can be provided to individuals in their homes, at work, in schools and to their families. Your goal as a developmental services worker will be to enhance the capacity of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities to function in all aspects of community living and to support their full inclusion in all aspects of society.

Please note: This program is taught using a combination of modalities. Courses may be delivered face-to-face, online, or in a blended/hybrid combination of both online and traditional classroom teaching

As a Developmental Services Worker program grad, you'll have the ability to:

  • Conduct yourself in an ethical, competent and accountable manner in all professional relationships;
  • Provide person-directed supports and services that respect and promote self-determination for people with developmental disabilities;
  • Provide for the safety of people with developmental disabilities, self and others in compliance with all applicable legislation, regulations and standards of practice;
  • Support the health and well-being of people with intellectual disabilities;
  • Employ and adapt formal and informal strategies to support the learning of people with developmental disabilities;
  • Provide leadership in the development of inclusive communities;
  • Develop strategies and plans that lead to improved personal job performance and the maintenance of you own well-being.

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Ashtonbee Campus

Ashtonbee Campus

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