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Centennial College's Game – Art ​program will allow you to gain the skills to launch a career in the dynamic, ever-expanding and intensely creative interactive game industry. In just 16 consecutive months, the offering will prepare you for a career of imagination, innovative design and storytelling. 

You'll receive intensive hands-on training in Game – Art​ and learn to build traditional 3D art assets for games, develop game environments and characters, and express your one-of-a-kind creativity. Developed by industry professionals and School of Communications, Media, Arts and Design instructors with a forward-thinking approach towards the next wave of interactive games, this games diploma program is well-respected in the industry. 

Program Highlights

  • Thanks to small classes, there will be an excellent teacher to student ratio, making it easy to interact with dedicated and passionate instructors who are working professionals in the game industry.
  • During the fourth semester, you'll participate in a field placement.
  • The use of the latest software and hardware will ensure your seamless transition into a production environment.
  • You'll have access to excellent facilities, including dedicated labs with 24/7 student access.
  • The Story Arts Centre is nestled in a quiet neighbourhood, a five-minute walk from the Pape Subway station and just steps from the thriving Danforth restaurant district.

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Ashtonbee Campus

Ashtonbee Campus

75 Ashtonbee Rd, Scarborough, ON M1L 4C9, Canada

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