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  • Massage Therapy - Compressed

The Massage Therapy program at Centennial College will provide you with both the fundamental and advanced massage therapy skills to become a successful massage therapist. This advanced diploma health program will empha professionalism and teach an evidence-based approach to assessment, treatment planning and implementation.

Recognized as a distinctive and rigorous offering within the School of Community and Health Studies, this college health program will balance a combination of theory and practical application through in-class lectures, lab experience, an onsite public clinic and off-site outreach placements.

You'll learn the proper assessment tools and techniques to deal with a wide variety of conditions that involve lymph, muscle, nerve, fascia and joints of the body, as well as a wellness focus that maintains physical health, function and mobility.

Please note: This delivery (three years with summers off) of the Massage Therapy program is a September intake/start only. It's possible to complete this college Massage program in a shorter period of time by attending school in the summer semesters. To do so, you must enrol in the Massage Therapy - Compressed program (#5115), which has a January intake/start with no summer breaks. Once enrolled in the traditional delivery of #5110, you'll be required to stay in #5110 as your major program of study, and will not be eligible to transfer into the compressed #5115 program.


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