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Biomedicine is a collective name for the biological topics focusing primarily with human health and well-being. Biomedicine’s scope includes analyzing human biological samples, performing research on human and animal diseases, participating in the development of therapeutic strategies, such as vaccines, medicines and medical treatments, both in private industry as well as in governmental agencies. Biomedicine is the central and critical step for drug and therapy design and discovery.

Biomedicine study program offered in i3L focuses on research and innovation that bridge the research on human health with drug development. Currently, our program offers two specialization streams that focuses on human diseases, which are tumor biology and infectious diseases. We utilize the triple-helix (academia, business and government) approach that strategizes and implements the most relevant Biomedicine research and development to the community.

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Bachelor Degree (S1)

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Teknik Biomedik

Universitas123 - Akademik


About i3L

Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L) is a premium life sciences higher education and research institute located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently, i3L offers ten undergraduate programs. At the school of life sciences, i3L offers undergraduate programs in Bioinformatics, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Food Science and Nutrition, Food Technology and Pharmacy. At iSB (i3L School of Business), iSB offers undergraduate programs in Business & Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences, Creative Digital Marketing, International Applied Accounting and International Business Management.

i3L’s vision is to be a leading and globally-connected interdisciplinary institution that impacts society through science and innovation.

In order to realize its vision, i3L strives to leverage national resources to accelerate Indonesia’s competitiveness in the global landscape. With its top-quality faculty, state-of-the-art facilities and global collaborations with academics, industries, communities and governments, i3L focuses on providing a unique, interdisciplinary and integrative learning environment to shape a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurial scientists.


Why Study at i3L?


70% of i3L students get a job offer or continue to Master’s Program before they graduated 100% of i3L students get experience in a research / business project before they graduated 100% i3L students get involve in lab activities since first semester 94% of our teaching faculty have international exposure Over 60% of i3L students accepted into the internship program at their 2nd Semester. The program covers all of the world, from USA, UK, Sweden, Singapore to Indonesia and more

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Student Exchange Double Degree Internship Abroad


i3L Main Campus

i3L Main Campus

Jl. Pulomas Barat Kav 88, Jakarta Timur 13210, Indonesia

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