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We are a Australia's creative industries specialist, focused on nurturing creative minds in a supportive, collaborative environment. We’ve been launching students into creative careers for 40 years and have alumni succeeding in the careers throughout the world.

JMC has 3 campuses located in Australia. Our campuses are all located in the city center (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane). It has been running since 1982 and it has over 2.200 students across campuses. We have a strong network of international institutions and industry connections that enable us to ensure our courses, technology and learning spaces are among the best on offer.

We offer bachelor programs, Master of Creative Industry, Diploma, and Certificate III in Screen and Media. 

At JMC Academy, you will have many integration projects which connect you to all students from different courses (collaboration). For example: 3D Animation student will work closely with Games Development and Digital Design students in making mobile applications, or animation projects or games application. In this point, Entertainment Business Management students will collaborate in marketing the apps.   

Our alumni are involved in the production of a lot of Hollywood movies such as Happy Feet 2, Prometheus, I-Frankenstein, San Andreas, Jumper, PS I Love You, iPad Application, Ghostbusters, etc. Check out here: https://www.jmcacademy.edu.au/news-and-events/news/#/?cat=alumni-success 


  1. The most well-equiped education facility in Australia in teaching audio. RED camera’s and SSL Duality consol room are also provided on campus for students to learn and use.
  2. 75% of the lecturers at JMC are industry professionals, therefore students will gain a lot of connections as long as they put themselves out there to create networking and be creative!
  3. Our campuses are located in three big cities: Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. With close aproximity to public transportations, accomodations, restaurants, etc
  4. The Academy of Film, Theatre, and Television (AFTT) is part of the JMC Academy family. It is located in Sydney, and our campus location for acting students in Sydney.
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