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Primary School Teacher Education (PSTE)

Primary School Teacher Education (PSTE) Regular Class
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Primary School Teacher Education (PSTE) study program offers six major educational subjects to prepare the students in entering the profession:

  • Curriculum Development: Planning, Process of Learning, and Assessment of Learning in Primary Education
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Integrated Learning
  • Educational Management: School-Based Management and Class Management
  • Educational Psychology of Primary Student: Student Development, Counseling, and Special Need Education for Primary School
  • International Curriculum Study

About the Study

Program Primary School Teacher Education (PSTE) is a study program that produces qualified primary school teachers in dealing with children aged 6-12 years who are known as the 'golden age'. Students of PSTE will learn how to become a primary school teacher who has a good understanding of their vocation (profession) as a teacher in terms of attitude, behavior, and has characters that can be replicated by their students. in addition, students of PSTE will learn to be able to recognize the characteristics of their students in primary schools of the physical, moral, social, cultural, emotional, and intellectual. It will assist them in determining the best approaches/methods to be applied in their classes.

President University has a seriousness and attention to the quality of Indonesia’s primary school teachers who can prepare the student that can acquire knowledge and develop into useful, responsible citizens and future leaders. Therefore, PSTE Study Program in President University has designed a curriculum that is able to accommodate the concept of the primary education curriculum by allowing mastery of technical skills, soft skills, and entrepreneurship comprehensively to all students. The hope is that PSTE can produce teachers who have the spirit of creative, innovative, and develop the potential of the entrepreneurial spirit, multicultural, and global outlook.

Primary School Teacher Education (PSTE) aims to produce a graduate as a primary school teacher with 3C: Calling, Character, and Competence.

Future Field & Career

  • Primary Teacher in National Based Curriculum

            Field Work: Private/public primary school

  • Primary Teacher in International Based Curriculum

         Field Work: Regional/ international primary school

  • Practitioners in Primary School Education Field (Edu-preneur)

           Establish primary school

           Tutoring start-ups

           Composing textbooks

           Membuat Alat Peraga 

           Independent/ consultant in education institutes

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President University

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