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Advanced Diploma in Dance Regular Class
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Advanced Diploma in Dance is a full-time course that offers an integrated education in dance, combining practical studio training with academic inquiry in dance studies, and lectures on other liberal arts. It is designed to prepare graduates for vocational roles in the dance industry. Experiential learning opportunities will allow you to apply your learning in a semi-professional context.

Daily technique classes in Chinese dance and Contemporary dance are complemented by theoretical lessons in movement analysis, teaching methodologies, dance education, creative processes of performance, dance history, dance criticism, notation, and body therapy. Courses dealing with choreography and repertory will also be offered.

You will get to attend workshops and guest lectures in world performance traditions, such as African, East Indian, Chinese and Native dance. This dynamic programme trains you in essential disciplines of mind and body – together with creative expressions in contemporary dance and choreography.

The course helps you enhance your required autonomy as practitioners of dance/dance education. This might include the formation of the degree-based dance company, and the opportunities to teach in local community-based institutions.

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