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                Universitas Ngurah Rai Denpasar (UNR) was established by Yayasan Jagadhita Denpasar on 22nd of May 1979. The university is the second oldest university in Bali and in the Eastern Indonesia Region (including Nusa Tenggara, Sulawesi, and Papua). 

              The University currently has four faculties and 7 study programs, those are: Engineering Faculty (Bachelor of Architecture&Bachelor of Civil Engineering), Law Faculty (Bachelor of Law), Social Politic Faculty (Bachelor of Public Administration), Economics Faculty (Bachelor of Management), and Post-Graduate Schools (Master of Law & Master of Public Administration).

                In 2017, Ngurah Rai University received an accreditation of Very Good (“B”), currently the highest accreditation received by any non-public universities in Bali (registration number: 1393/SK/BAN-PT/AKRED/PT/V/2017). In order to receive such accreditation, minimum half of all study programs in the university had to have a “very good” accreditation. University Ngurah Rai has exceeded the requirements and have all of the university study programs received “very good” accreditation, with the Bachelor of Law receiving an excellent (“A”) accreditation.

                Ngurah Rai main campus covers an area of 2,4 ha, including field for ceremonial purposes, large parking space, and large and comfortable garden. The faculty of law building is three stories high while the rest of the faculties’ buildings are four stories high. The Rectorate occupies a large building complex consists of a large hall (500 participants capacity), libraries, engineering laboratories, computer lab, various working units, and student’s activities rooms. Sport facilities are also provided for students such as tennis hall, badminton hall, volleyball field, basketball field, soccer field, and table tennis hall. The university regularly hold academic and non-academic events such as workshops, open lectures, bazaar, music and art festivals.

            In 2019 the university started its internationalization programs and welcomed visiting students from Arizona State University, USA. In 2020 the university opened its first international (English) study program (Bachelor of Management).



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