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What does Walsh's Pre-Medicine or Pre-Optometry program entail?

Students in these pre-professional program major in either Biology or Chemistry. Most choose Biology as their major and minor in Chemistry. Those with a strong math background may choose to major in Chemistry with a minor in Biology. Choosing to major and minor in these sciences strengthens our students' application portfolios. Advisors work with them to recommend the concentration that suits them best.

What type of career can I look forward to with a Pre-Medicine or Pre-Optometry degree?

Nearly 100% of students in Walsh's Pre-Medicine and Pre-Optometry schools attend the medical schools of their choice. Upon completion of their post-graduate programs, they go on to have successful careers as medical doctors and optometrists in private practice, group practice, hospitals and other health care facilities.

What makes Walsh's Pre-Medicine, Pre-Optometry program unique?

Students have the opportunity to gain experience with physicians and medical centers in our region.
Alumni support. Walsh graduates who are physicians act as a support network for our students, answering questions and offering insight into the day-to-day functions of a practicing physician.

In addition, Walsh provides preparation for the MCAT and beyond. Students take the standardized test for entry into medical school at the end of their junior year. Their courses and lab work prepare them for this exam, as well as the rigors of medical school training.

Pre-Med schools look for diverse individuals who also have strong academic records. Students should maintain a minimum 3.3 to 3.5 GPA and be involved in volunteer service, internships and leadership roles on campus.

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Walsh University

Walsh University

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