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Global Communication and Management Program (GCM)

Global Communication and Management Program (GCM) Regular Class
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The Global Communication and Management Program (GCM) offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication for internationals´╝îenrolling students from 2020. The program may be completed in four years of study.

Adhering to the long-standing international teaching philosophy of Zhejiang University, the GCM program is committed to training entrepreneurs and future business leaders who combine interdisciplinary knowledge, expertise in financial and business analysis, and a deep understanding of China's business environment to excel in China and compete globally. Students will graduate with bilingual proficiency in Chinese and English, cross-cultural communication skills and a solid foundation of knowledge about China. Equipped with the fundamentals of communication and management, students will be able to succeed in multinational corporations and Chinese enterprises in the fields of management, business, communications and marketing and will be well-equipped to serve as a bridge between China and the world.

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Zhejiang University International Campus

Zhejiang University International Campus

Zhejiang University International Campus , 718 Haizhou East Road Art & Science Building 434 Haining, Zhejiang 314400 China.

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