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The School of Community and Health Studies offers the Addiction and Mental Health Worker program. It will help you acquire the education to work in mental health and addiction services using evidence-based knowledge and skills in screening, assessing, and responding to people with mental health and substance-use issues from diverse cultural and community perspectives.

In Addiction and Mental Health Work courses, you'll learn to work — in a variety of community health and human services settings such as mental health and addiction agencies, homeless drop-in centres and crisis service centres — with individuals, family members and small groups impacted by addiction and mental health issues. You'll also gain the knowledge to advocate for equitable access to supports and services including health promotion, prevention and harm reduction. The Addiction and Mental Health Work program has a commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous communities in Canada. As a result, courses will offer Indigenous perspectives to addiction and mental health work.

Classroom instruction will be combined with a second-year field placement experience during which you'll spend several days each week working with clients in social service agencies under the supervision of experienced service providers. You'll have the opportunity to work in interprofessional teams to gain direct experience providing support to clients and families through case management, assessment, referral and navigating systems of care. The practical experience you gain will help to reinforce classroom learning and provide grounding for full-time work after graduation.

Please Note: This program is taught using a combination of modalities. Courses may be delivered face-to-face, online or in blended/hybrid combination of both online and traditional classroom teaching.

Program Highlights

In the Addiction and Mental Health Worker program, you'll learn to:

  • Develop a plan to assist individuals in achieving their goals for mental wellness and substance use/addiction;
  • Integrate group work and group facilitation skills across a wide range of community service settings to support the growth and development of individuals, families, and communities affected by addictions and mental health issues;
  • Consider social policy, legislation, and political, social and economic systems, and their impacts on service delivery in addiction and mental health services;
  • Provide appropriate treatment, prevention and harm reduction strategies to individuals and families impacted by addiction and mental health issues;
  • Recognize diverse needs and experiences of individuals, groups, families and communities to develop and promote accessible and responsive programs and services;
  • Respond accordingly to individuals in crisis to provide appropriate assistance and referral where necessary;
  • Develop and maintain positive interprofessional collaboration and working relationships with colleagues, supervisors and community partners that adhere to professional, legal and ethical standards;
  • Advocate, at a system level, for non-judgmental acceptance and unconditional positive regard of individuals with addictions and mental health issues;
  • Collaborate with Indigenous peoples and their communities to identify and advocate for access to culturally appropriate/safer resources and support;
  • Engage in critical self-reflection to support professional growth, lifelong learning and self/community care strategies;
  • Develop creative concepts for addiction and mental health practice that meet innovation, entrepreneurship and social enterprise objectives.

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2 Years Diploma (D2)


Medicine and Health Sciences

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Centennial College is Ontario’s first public college, with five campuses in Toronto, Canada. Centennial offers high-quality Canadian Education that is hands-on, and employment focused. Programs at Centennial promote experiential learning with laboratory instruction, co-op education, and industry placements.

Many Centennial programs offer Canadian work experience and provide eligibility for designations from Canadian professional associations. Centennial consistently ranks #1 in Toronto for Student Satisfaction (KPI: 2016-2020). International students are achieving their goals at Centennial College, and leading the province in rates of successful graduation!

An impressive 90.1% of our international students studying Graduate Certificate programs complete their program at Centennial and graduate successfully.

With seven specialized academic schools, Centennial College offers more than 160 Programs.
Centennial offers foundations, post-secondary and post-graduate programs in:

  • Business,
  • Engineering Technology and Applied Science,
  • Communications,
  • Media, Arts and Design,
  • Health,
  • Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts,
  • Transportation.

Centennial also offers English Language Learning and Foundations programs for college and university preparation. Through extensive partnership building, Centennial offers a global network of incoming and outgoing Pathways and credit transfer agreements with partner institutions: 398 international pathways and more than 600 Canadian pathways are established!

Centennial is the #1 college choice for international students in Canada and one of the most culturally diverse post-secondary institutions in the country. Centennial is a big institution and well recognized in Canada and around the world. Enrolment is over 25,000 full-time students, including 11,000 international students from 125 countries.

As you enjoy the academic benefits of a Canadian college education, a wide range of global perspectives will enrich your education and experience.

Centennial College welcomes you in your pursuit of an incredible international education experience. Centennial has a reputation for student and graduate success and numerous awards for International Education Leadership. 


Why Choose Centennial College?

  1. Affordable and cost-effective.
  2. High standard of education.
  3. Co-op and industry connections.
  4. Incredible diversity.
  5. Opportunity to work.
  6. Safe city and friendly community.
  7. Centennial College is an award-winning Canadian institution that received the Gold Medal for Leadership Development at the 2018 World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (WFCP) Awards of Excellence. Centennial also received the 2016 Gold Medal for Internationalization Excellence from Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan).
  8. We are leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs We work with over 800 industry partners! You have access to the latest equipment and technology, industry-leading faculty and co-op opportunities to get you work-ready upon graduation. Centennial received first prize for Innovation in Applied Research.
  9. Among 125 colleges, Centennial ranks third in Canada for the number of students employed and paid to conduct applied research (Canada’s Top 50 Research Colleges: 2017 Report). Over 1,000 pathways! Centennial College programs offer 367 Degree Pathways with partner universities in Canada and abroad.


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