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The Insurance Management program is a two-semester graduate certificate program focused on training college or university graduates in claims investigations and adjusting, underwriting and brokering relationships within the property and casualty insurance sector.

This program, offered by The Business School, will provide you with a strong educational base in various aspects of insurance and prepare you to effectively function in the insurance industry, leading to supervisory, management or specialist positions in business, government and service organizations. You'll be able to explain how the business of insurance works as well as define and explain the importance of property and liability insurance. Upon graduation, you'll have acquired sufficient competency to be considered for employment in the property and casualty insurance sectors.

By including seven (7) of the ten (10) insurance industry-specific courses (the maximum the Insurance Institute of Canada, or IIC, allows), Centennial College's Insurance Management program will also provide a pathway to the Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation. You'll be able to take the three remaining courses through the IIC. Please visit the Insurance Institute for all details regarding professional designation.

Please note:

  • You must join IIC (at no cost) when starting the Insurance Management graduate certificate program and maintain the free IIC membership for the duration of your full-time studies.
  • You'll be required to purchase insurance industry textbooks and resources directly through IIC, and to register and pay fees for the insurance industry exams through the IIC based on registration timelines strictly adhered to by the IIC (normally at the midpoint of the semester). For more, visit

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