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Note:. All classes for the 2021/2022 academic year will be delivered in a combination of synchronous and asynchronous formats. There will be no in-person classes.

The Workplace and Wellness Health Promotion program, facilitated by Centennial College's School of Community and Health Studies, is one of the first graduate certificate programs of its kind in Canada. As such, it enjoys a respected national and international reputation and is recognized by leading employers.

The Workplace and Wellness Health Promotion courses will prepare you to promote the total well-being of individuals and groups within corporate and community contexts.

To do so effectively, in this college health program you'll:

  • Benefit from acquiring essential program management and communication skills to become an effective manager of wellness and health promotion programs;
  • Gain knowledge in providing wellness coaching, designing, implementing and evaluating effective health promotion strategies and programs, as well as managing programs in accordance with organizational policies and procedures;
  • Focus on assessing health risk factors and developing health and wellness plans and strategies to promote individual and organizational well-being;
  • Learn to utilize a variety of presentation techniques and strategies, develop a business case for wellness and market, and promote wellness programs.

As a Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion graduate skilled in program design and management, psychosocial and physical health issues, mental health management, program planning and health promotion theory, you'll bring a holistic and interprofessional approach to the field.

Program Highlights

  • Program content will include program planning and management, mental health management, health promotion theory, organizational development, environmental health, coaching, business foundations and community health.
  • You'll develop leadership skills through assessing individual and group health and wellness needs.
  • You'll have the opportunity to design and implement workplace wellness projects.
  • Faculty members have current and relevant industry experience.
  • During the final semester, you'll strengthen your skills and explore career opportunities with a field placement and relevant experiential learning. The placement component will provide you with valuable and relevant work experience and networking opportunities.
  • Credit for past educational experience will be considered through the PLAR process as stated on the official course outline.

Once you complete the Workplace and Wellness Health Promotion program, you'll be able to:

  • Assess wellness needs of individuals, groups, organizations and communities;
  • Apply best practices to design, implement, evaluate and manage effective individual and agency intervention strategies and wellness programs to achieve goals mutually determined through consultation;
  • Effectively communicate verbally and in writing (e.g., presenting workshops, seminars, speeches and facilitating groups, writing reports and proposals, and developing promotional materials);
  • Identify risk factors that influence human behaviour, health and wellness;
  • Implement strategies that facilitate personal, organizational culture and community wellness;
  • Analyze trends and issues in the political, social and economic environment and effectively deliver contemporary wellness programs that address these factors;
  • Work in team settings and apply leadership and organizational skills to a variety of populations and settings;
  • Provide appropriate referral information to assist individuals, groups and organizations;
  • Advocate wellness concepts and philosophies in community and employment settings;
  • Maintain professional helping and working relationships that adhere to legal and ethical standards;
  • Apply principles of health promotion to a variety of diverse individuals, organizations and communities;
  • Apply research design and methods to workplace wellness and health promotion projects;
  • Examine the strategic approach to human resource management;
  • Develop global citizenship and equity knowledge, skills and experience as it relates to sustainability of resources, individual and community identities, critical social analysis, and enhanced personal and social responsibility.

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