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Bachelor Degree (S1)


Computer and Engineering

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Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb (Croatian acronym: FER) is a leading higher education and research institution in the Republic of Croatia in the area of electrical engineering, computing, and information and communication technology.

As a part of the oldest and the biggest university in South-Eastern Europe and an engineering school with a century-long tradition of excellence in teaching electrical engineering and information technologies, FER is a primary choice for almost 50% out of 1,000 best high-school graduates in Croatia based on Mathematics and Physics at State Matura.

FER provides high-quality education to its students, founded on the interconnection of teaching, research, and innovation, along with regional and European recognition of academic programs in the field of electrical engineering, computing, and information and communication technology.

The ability to adapt to new situations is crucial for all engineers, and we inspire our students to participate in up-to-date challenges, latest research developments and to pursue their own interests. We motivate students to participate in the development of new technologies and to advance innovative technical solutions to constantly evolving challenges. We prepare young technologists for creative and innovative jobs, some of which have not yet even been conceived!

Career Opportunities

FER alumni are highly appreciated professionals not only in Croatia but also in high-tech companies in different sectors worldwide. FER actively cooperates with more than 450 companies, including some of the most significant high-tech companies from Croatia but also all over the world. Both students and companies benefit from this network that provides an opportunity to connect the best matching talents with industry needs even before students finish their studies.

Students are offered early career guidance through the services of Career Centre, which helps students to connect with employers through the organization of various networking events, such as Job Fair and Career Speed Dating.

JOB FAIR MEETUP 2021 (organizers)

Students are highly encouraged to participate in an internship program to gain a competitive edge on the labor market while still studying.

As a faculty with traditionally highly appreciated research components on an international level, students can also take a part in more than 250 international and national R&D projects, both scientific research and industry collaboration projects, that run at FER every year.

For students with startup aspirations, a student-friendly startup incubator SPOCK is the right place to visit and explore new horizons.

When students choose STEM, they are not only choosing their careers but also a frame of mind.

Explore, experiment, invent, create! Join us!


  • Best-known high-education brand in the South-East Europe
  • Traditionally attracts top students from Croatia and surrounding countries
  • FER alumni are highly appreciated in high-tech companies worldwide
  • Leading Croatian research institution with more than 250 ongoing international and national competitive projects
  • FER provides early career guidance to its students, through the Career Center (FER actively cooperates with more than 450 companies)


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