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Jakarta International College (JIC) is the international pathway program that guarantees you to Monash University (Australia and Malaysia), a world top 100 university. Our programs allow you to start and study with us in Jakarta or Surabaya, Indonesia, and to transfer for your second year of university in Australia, Malaysia, UK, or China.

JIC is the official partner of Monash College in Indonesia and uses 100% Monash College Melbourne curriculum which prepares students with the confidence to face study abroad.


With JIC, you can start your bachelor degree in Jakarta or Surabaya and transfer to Monash University Australia or Malaysia for your first or second year or university. With JIC, you also have the option to transfer to our university partners in the UK Russel Group, and XTJLU in China.



JIC Campus - Jakarta

Graha Mandiri, 2nd Floor Jl. Imam Bonjol No. 61, Menteng Jakarta Pusat 10310

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